Photos of Affordable Home Repair Jobs.

Affordable Home Repairs has been in business for more than 11 years and although they do not take photos of every job they do have some here to show you just a bit of what we do.  We have these organized into groups and if you want more project photos just let us know.  Below are some painting photos.  Some of the painting pics are of finished homes.  Some are of the crew painting and caulking houses in the middle of a project.  We also do a lot of commercial painting and we do interior painting, especially when the weather turns.

Painting Photos

Residential Home Painting Photo

Priming a Home for Paint

Painting the Second Story of a House

Finished House Painting Job

House Painter on a Ladder

House When Finished Painting


Siding Photos

Affordable Home Repairs is one of Omaha's premier siding installers. We also do siding repairs.  When we do a siding job we load up the trucks, the ladders and tools and our crew and we show up on the job ready to work and organized to succeed.  Imagine hiring a company with positive purpose, talented siding technicians, the best siding materials for a great price.  What would you have?  Affordable Home Repairs!  We have been in business for 11 years and so we know how treat our customers and we know how to prepare a competitive estimate that will please.  Speaking of job estimates we will come to your home or busines and do a FREE estimate and consult with you about your project.

Technicians Siding an Apartment Building

Siding Damage and Repair

A Crew Siding an Apartment Building

Replacing Siding on a Building

Wood Siding on a Roof

House and Siding Damage

Scaffolding Wood Siding Project

Technicians Siding a Home


Remodeling Photos

Here are some of our remodeling job photos. To Affordable Home Repairs the word remodeling spans a large scale including kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, drywall and drywall repair.  We also repair decks and build new decks, erect wooden fences and more.  Because of the extensive experiences our construction team has we are more than able to excel at many aspects dealing with your home or business. Check out our remodels, deck and tile floor.  Also make a note of great customer testimonials splashed thoughout the website.

 Kitchen Counter Remodel

Marble Kitchen Counter Top Job

Floor Tile Replacement

Installing Sheetrock in a Home

Finished Deck Replacement

New Installed Wood Deck